What attracted me to this to field of physical therapies is that I played sports much of my life, that is both GAA and soccer. While, I love team sports there is always the fact that injuries do occur, whether it is sprained ankles or pulled muscles, but for me learning to heal from those injuries is actually what fascinated me, as much as the sport itself. In trying to understand the mechanics of the body and how it heals it lead me on this journey of bodywork, which has been incredibly rewarding. I'm qualified in Sports Massage, Bowen Therapy and PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique) and I have found that each one has added something new to my understanding of recovery and healing for the body and how to allow it occur naturally. Over time I’ve realised that the body will heal itself naturally but sometimes in order for it to achieve this balance of full health it needs to be gently facilitated and that is where I come in, so be sure to contact me today for an appointment.