1-minute experience of your ankle joint on a new axis of movement.
You may think that the axis of your ankle joint runs between the two bony bumps (malleoli) on the inside and outside of your ankle joint, as I did before. Or maybe you never thought about it.
But anyway, to experience that axis for a moment, place a finger of each hand on both bony bumps (malleoli) and visualise an axis running between your fingers as your ankle pivots around that axis. Bend your ankle up and down a few times and see what it is like!
Now try this – place one finger 5mm (roughly) below the inner ankle bone (medial malleolus) and place another finger 3mm below and 8mm in front of your outer ankle bone (lateral malleolus).
Visualise an axis running between your two fingers and your ankle pivoting around this axis as you bend your ankle joint up and down. This is the actual axis that your ankle uses to pivot around as it bends. The axis is at an oblique angle and not what you may have expected. Does this new axis change how you experience your ankle’s movement?
Next time you are doing heel raises or some other exercise involving the ankle try bringing awareness to the axis of your ankle first and see if that changes how you integrate your exercise experience.